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but we are not there yet. temperatures should hold later tonight. we will look ahead to bordet's and more him -- to warmer days. >> the storms came in fast. it was a welcome change actually. >> what a relief. we are in old town, about an hour or so ago, it was monsoon in here. the street is what, but at least we are not sweating out here. what's a relief it is. >> i was at the store and i walked outside and it looked like it had been raining for three days. >> a welcome relief from our heatwave. >> it feels amazing. the temperature feels nice, but
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the humidity was just awful. >> there was an amazing drop to below 70's. >> i am enjoying the rain. >> most of say that is okay. >> you walk around and a mall, everywhere you go, it is just incredible like a slob. >> outstanding. we need it. >> what a nice break over the weekend. we had our heat gun at the national mall and it was as high as 100 degrees. look at that, 73 degrees. what's a nice change for everyone. >> to check the radar and the temperature any time of the day go to a baby reported missing from baltimore on friday is now back safe and sound with his mother. we were the only station there
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when police found the seven- month-old in northeast washington. his father told police a 16- year-old baby sitter took him three days ago. we have a happy reunion. >> our cameras were there this morning and we have the honor a little while ago of being with the family as mother and baby got home. the seven-month-old is alive and well home, happy, and surrounded by family. his mother is pretty happy to be with him, too. it is the happy ending after a weekend of fear. >> i wanted to sit down and cried. all i kept thinking, i had to find my son. >> he had been taken from his father's west baltimore home on friday.
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he was with his boy went he came to this house. he stepped up to buy cigarettes and when he came back, at the baby was gone. he can only guess why. >> i have no idea. >> the family appealed to the media and police. at 6:00 this morning they turned up at a bus stop in northeast d.c. you can see him speaking to a detective and a child of the arms and a medic. as you can see, he is on injured and had been well cared for. he is thankful for that, but not ready to forgive. >> she said that this was hers. >> that is your theory. at this point, there is no official word on why this happened. as for the 16-year-old, police will only say the decision will be made by the state's attorney.
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since she is a juvenile, it is very likely that she will be granted some protection. she will be granted her privacy as she moves to the criminal justice system. it is the news that the offense have been waiting to hear. the players and the owners struck a deal and the nfl season has been officially saved. we have reaction to this deal. >> all 32 team representatives voted unanimously to end a lockout this afternoon after 4.5 months. fans are excited and local jurisdictions are excited. maryland would have lost $40 million in tax revenue if the season were canceled. fans literally it waited fadeaway, glad to see it finally come to an end. >> there is so much money out
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there. the fact that it added to the point where they were losing money in order to agree on how to share it, as a fan all of what it was football. >> this was the longest work stoppage in nfl history. >> they had to take this long. >> the big issue was how to divide $9 billion in revenue. football fans, the lockout left a bad taste in their mouth. >> it has been a very long process since the day that we stood. in march. >> the players agreed to go from 5246% revenue share. -- 520 to 46% revenue share. >> make sure that we can stand here and say football is back. >> redskins fan was more concerned about local people who
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love bint -- who would have taken a big hit without football. >> people that are selling seven years -- -- seven years in the parking lot. >> there will not be an extended 18-game season. fans were split on that call. training camp could start as early as wednesday. >> what the rejoicing began. we will have more details on the new deal and reaction from the redskins coming of a little bit later. time is ticking as we inch closer to the deadline for resolving the debt crisis. john boehner are said his plan would slash more than $1 trillion in spending. senate democratic leader harry reid has its own plan with nearly double the cuts. neither side has budged. president obama plans to address the nation tonight.
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>> crews are working to fix a broken gas line near a local college campus. that is near uvc. the gas company shut off the gas in that area. they're making on scene repairs. it could be 8:00 before water service is restored to a neighborhood in north east. that break left 5 apartment buildings and three homes without water. there is no word on what caused the major break. the man accused of being the east coast rapist might be connected to an insult to break in maryland. aaron thomas has been linked to a 1999 rape, but they need more testing to make a firm that. he has been linked to 17 attacks from virginia to connecticut, but has only been charged with four rapes. we have new details tonight
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on the man suspected of two deadly attacks in norway. but 32-year-old suspected in the bombing and shooting appeared in court this morning. we are live with the latest. >> in court, anders behring breivik up. appeared calm. new images are emerging from the attacks in norway that left dozens dead. this is a video taken after a massive bomb erupted near a government building. hours later, teenagers barricaded themselves in a cabin hiding from a crazed gunman accused of murdering 68 people at an island retreat for young supporters of labour party. >> monday, anders behring breivik on -- confessed in court but pleaded not guilty. he wrote in detail about his hatred for the labor party and
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their liberal leanings, especially for their tolerance of immigrants. >> he believed that he needed to carry out these acts in order to save norway. >> authorities continued to remain on high alert because the manifesto refers to other cells. residents paused for a moment of silence. >> we have to come together. everybody. " nor will it cost prime minister addressed tens of thousands of -- norway's prime minister addressed tens of thousands of mourners. he claimed that evil can kill a person but it can never defeat in nation. police have lowered the death toll from 93 to 76. in the aftermath they discounted while searching for survivors. authorities are trying to figure out what the suspect's purchase
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of chemicals was not investigated further. coming up the tables are turned as a d.c. police officer is sentenced to jail time. >> it turns into a lesson in survival after a grizzly bear attacks a group of teenagers. >> the woman who says the former head of the imf and sexually assaulted her, support an exclusive interview. hear what she says happened that day and why she is speaking out.
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the woman at the center of the assault case is coming forward. prosecutors weigh whether she has a case. >> the maid who stayed silent for nearly two months is now saying one of the most powerful men in the world to be behind bars. >> in an exclusive interview the hotel made to accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her in speaking publicly.
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>> i turned my head, he attacked me. i do not want to lose my job. >> nafissatou diallo said she did not expect to see and when she went to clean his room in new york city. his lawyer said what happened there was consensual. the immigrant to and single mother says the former leader of the imf forced her to perform oral sex. >> i want him to go to jail. you cannot use your power. >> his attorneys called the interviews announcing a circus and an effort to resurrect a case that is teetering because prosecutors question her credibility. >> when she talks about the alleged incident, she is very convincing. when she is talking about some
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aspects of her past, it seems a little vague. >> she said one of her goals in coming forward is to say a reputation. >> as god as my witness, i am telling the truth. >> his lawyers accused her of being out for money and say she is worried about not getting any money at the criminal charges are dropped. her lawyer says he plans to file a civil lawsuit as well. american college didn't return to court today in italy for an appeal -- college didn't return to court today in italy for an appeal. her family once the conditions overturned. experts cast doubt about the quality of dna evidence found at the scene. they claimed it was unreliable and possibly contaminated by investigators. opponents are suing after new york became the largest
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state to recognize same-sex marriages. rep -- says new york senate violated laws when they approved the bill. if you are looking for love, and there is a new list of the best cities for singles. travel and leisure took data from a survey of readers and they found that the best city is new orleans. the survey took into account many factors including public transportation restaurants and bars. new orleans ranked number one for cocktails and fascinating people. >> i would say that is probably true. it was followed by austin, las vegas, new york city, and chicago. where is d.c.? not anywhere on the list. >> keep looking. >> everybody is talking about the rest brushing -- of the
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rushing temperatures. >> the temperature dropped to 79 at the airport the first time in almost four days that we have been below 80 degrees. i enjoy tonight because we will be back to 90 over the next several days. >> ok. >> this is how summer is going to be remembered that around here. the only warnings and the viewing area are flash flood warnings until 6:34 portions of stafford county and charles county. as soon as i say that, they just issued severe thunderstorm warnings. technically, this is out of our area. this is what we are dealing with. we picked up a lot of rain throughout the area. a lot of rain.
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let me give you a little time lapse. very heavy downpours in a short period of time. some areas picked up an awful lot of rain. laurel, 1.47 inches. these numbers are something we have not seen for quite some time. 75 degrees in gaithersburg. with winchester, the son is back up. it is a different field out there. look at the temperatures around the east. 68 degrees in boston. 79 in syracuse. the heat is building already out to the last. is going to head back in this direction. 105 right now in dallas. very warm temperatures.
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the humidity levels will be nice so it will be comparable devon the temperature. first and friday and saturday, at temperatures will head back to the upper 90's. there are no signs of getting anywhere near the magnitude of the heat we dealt with on thursday and friday. such is summertime around here. here is this next area of precipitation moving through pennsylvania. this area will break up a little bit. we will keep an eye on it through the evening hours. the next couple of days, that same high-pressure area, it will turn the went back to the south and southwest. here we go again with the higher heat and humidity. 74 in the morning at 89 tomorrow at noon. i think you'll notice the lower humidity levels. the temperatures will continue
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to rise as we had to thursday and friday and saturday. this is kind of a rare treat for us. >> very nice. >> we have another treat to enjoy. we're giving away any other ipad. >> all you have to do is go to facebook. follow the directions on left side of the page. the deadline to enter is wednesday at 4:00. we will announce the winner right here at abc 7 is at 5:00. prospective millionairess cannot today to show that they have what it takes to win. -- came out today to show what they have it takes to win. we caught up with some of the lucky winners. they dropped everything for the opportunity to be among the first in line. >> i can always reschedule whatever i was going to do. this is a once-in-a-lifetime
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opportunity. >> i think i remember us reading her name. attendees to pass the test work allowed to meet with the producer. finalist will be entered into the contest and cool and could compete on the show as soon as next month. if you want to see more, go to whenever i see that show, i wonder how did they get those contestants? >> now you know. >> coming up, if you think your dog is smart, a new study shows is how smart man's best friend is. >> i feel so honored that they chose me. >> honoring one of the tucson shooting survivors. >> a grizzly bear attacks a group of teenagers.
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♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. tragedy struck the last leg of an education to art in alaska for yen adults. >> there were about to do eight river crossing when they came face to face with a grizzly bear. the bearpaw as quickly sending four of those teenagers to the hospital. >> seven teenagers walked into
5:25 pm
their wild side. a survivor course became a matter of life or death. more than 100 miles north of anchorage, alaska. the teenagers were suddenly under attack. >> they were doing a crossing and they heard somebody screamed that there was a bear. >> of the mother grisly protecting her cost -- cubs. the bear was too fast and ferocious 44 teenagers. -- for four teenagers. five hours went by before a helicopter flew them to safety. precious time. his parents finally got to hear his voice. >> i have two broken ribs.
5:26 pm
>> for his parents, the words were answered prayers. >> just hearing his voice, that was just amazing. >> a happy ending. a 57-year-old man was killed when he and his wife surprised a bear that was also guarding her cubs. >> coming up, he wrote a book to raise money to get his own service job. did he reach his goal? >> d.c. council member has come under pressure to resign. >> what of the 18 officers arrested this year was sentenced today for corruption.
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who are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. a d.c. police officer was sentenced today for corruption. >> jennifer greene will spend seven months behind bars. sam ford is live outside the
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police station. >> 18 d.c. police officers have been arrested this year. that is more than all of last year. jennifer greene first came to d.c. from pennsylvania to attend american university. she graduated and joined the metropolitan police department six years ago. today, u.s. marshals took her into custody after the judge sentenced her to seven months behind bars and two years' probation. her distraught family left the superior court after the judge declared a seven-month sentence for corruption. >> no comment. >> of evergreen admitted that she met with a lounge and plotted -- jennifer green admitted that she met in a lounge and plotted to rob an apartment. she later accepted $600, but it was all an internal affairs
5:31 pm
staying. she said she was very sorry and apologized to work colleagues. the prosecutor urged the judge to send a message police cannot betray their of. -- oath. >> obstruction of justice and homicide and these are crimes of their own abolition. those are the types of cases that should be made an example of. >> police and earlier sting's try to see if she would steal money from a colleague's car. she did not. she refused to cooperate with a police investigation of another day officer. >> i never put it past anybody were money is involved. >> because they are cops, they are not exempt from the law. >> the prosecutor released
5:32 pm
transcripts where they were discussing hitting a place when the person was not home. she is sentenced to seven months. time now to update today's top stories. a missing baby is safe with his mother tonight. we were the only station there when the police found him. he was taken from her father's home on friday. allegedly by a 16-year-old baby sitter. no charges have been filed. >> nfl players and owners reached a deal today official -- officially ending the lockout. but sides agreed on a 10-year collective bargaining agreement. that will be against the steelers. >> we are learning more about the man suspected of two deadly attacks in norway. anders behring breivik pleaded
5:33 pm
not guilty to carrying out friday's bombing in oslo and a shooting at an island whose camp. police lowered the death toll to 76. a civil war of sorts has not erupted in the d.c. council tonight. multiple members are calling on a colleague to resign. the controversy surrounds a settlement. >> according to the d.c. attorney general thomas took money from the city's kids and spend it on himself. he settled with the city to pay the $300,000 back. it also means that he may never have to admit any wrongdoing. the plot thickens for harry thomas as the press politicians, and the public sounded off. >> he is another and a long
5:34 pm
line. >> with such serious allegations unanswered and an ongoing investigation, i believe that council member thomas should resign from the council of the district of columbia. the washington post editorial board declared a -- on the streets many echoed those sentiments. >> they tell you one thing and it does not happen. >> just as many of the folks we spoke with came to his defense. >> he has always appeared to me to be fair and well spoken.
5:35 pm
>> folks like this lady who said he saved her thanksgiving. >> we got a turkey dinner. >> he has yet to admit any wrongdoing. he said he agreed to repay the money to maintain the public's trust. a seven-year-old alexandria boy is a self-made man. yesterday, we told him about him. he held his first book signing to pay for eight service dock. the book is about how the money but -- how the dog will help his family managed the epilepsy. the money raised but there it -- put the family over there $13,000 dog. >> good for him. is your dog smarter than a three-year-old? a new study looks out dog
5:36 pm
behavior is and they have the development abilities of a two- year-old child. dogs are capable of learning the meetings of 165 words. dogs can interpret human body language and behavior and use it to their advantage. >> i see that happened. >> i wondered if she was as much as a two-year-old. >> no, she is not. >> time now to check on the traffic situation. >> we are dealing with some having delays on the beltway. on the inner loop, an incident at college park. we do have some heavy delays approaching at landover road. the incident on the inner loop at telegraph has been moved to the shoulder. >> coming up, honoring the
5:37 pm
youngest victim of the tucson shooting. we will show you how bad is being done in d.c.. >> a local farmer it is fighting for the rights to sell his produce on the side of the road. >> at 6:00, it is almost time for back-to-school shopping.
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christina-taylor green lost her life in january when a gunman opened fire. >> the girls passion for politics has inspired many. including another young woman who nearly lost her life that day as well. >> emma mcmahon is the first recipient of the christina- taylor green memorial scholarship. it is an honor that the recent high-school graduate does not take lightly. she was in the line of fire with christina that day. it is a day that she will never forget. >> we were talking to a woman in front of us about college. all of a sudden, i heard fireworks. >> just a few feet from her jared lee loughner opened fire
5:41 pm
at gabrielle giffords meet and greet the event. >> she was shot three times. >> her mother survived. but gabrielle giffords was critically injured and six people were killed, including nine-year-old christina-taylor green a straight-a student with a passion for politics. her parents and a.d.c. organization support her goals. they recently named -- named her the first recipient of the memorial scholarship. it is for girls from arizona interested in politics. >> i remember reading her essay about the fact that this experience heightened her resolve to run for office. i liked that message. >> the scholarship brought her to d.c., where she just took part in a one-day conference. >> i feel so honored that they
5:42 pm
chose me to carry-on her dream. >> dreams dathat emma shares. >> out of tragedy, i can come strength. >> she worked as a page for the congresswoman last summer, but never had a chance to get a photo with her. that is why she attended the january event. she is now entering can her campaign office. >> i hope she gets that. >> coming of, take a look at these cups. we will tell you just how much they are worth. >> a closer look at these troubles of addiction.
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a growing memorial for singer amy winehouse. autopsy results are in, but the cause of death could remain
5:46 pm
unexplained for two to four weeks. >> she suffered from drug addiction, it was well known. >> it seems to boil down to structure. if you want to pick a habit, you have to be super protective of yourself. ♪ troubled singer amy winehouse said yes to rehab at least three times. saturday her security guard found her in her london apartment in bed unresponsive. she was dead at 27. her grieving parents visited the growing memorial outside of their daughter's home. >> thank you for coming.
5:47 pm
>> he went public about his concerns for her help and moved in with her at one point. she was once the hospitalized for an overdose of heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine. in 2008, her publicist said it appeared the five-time grammy winner had early signs of emphysema. she said that she suffered from manic depression. >> you do not give up. >> the drugs are like weapons of mass destruction. we are all week creatures. the more that you lose your will power, the more likely that you will not succeed. >> it could mean intense counseling support meetings, and a sponsor. >> you have to protect yourself.
5:48 pm
>> intents rehab meeting more than just two weeks. the funeral will be held tuesday. it is going to be a private affair. >> ok, thank you. harry potter has been dethroned as the king of the box office. a cabinet -- captain america took over the top spot this weekend. the super hero brought in $65 million for the opening weekend. you knew this was going to happen. the miners rescue is being turned into a movie. there were trapped underground for more than two months and they sold the rights to their story. he does have a screenwriter on
5:49 pm
board. no studio is attached to the film. someone in oklahoma hit the jackpot. the person took five chinese carved rhinoceros horn cups from the 17th century to be appraised on the pbs show. they are valued between $1,000,000.10 $0.5 million. -- $1 million and $1.5 million. >> don't you wish you could see the reaction? here is a look now at what is coming up during primetime tonight. it is almost time for the bachelorette to make a big decision. the president will be addressing the nation on the debt crisis at 9:00. after that, the extreme makeover weight loss addition. stick around for abc 7 news at
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11:00. >> coming up, maureen bunyan joins us with a look ahead. >> tonight at 6:00, a shutdown of the faa was supposed to mean a bit of a brake on plane tickets. you will see how the airlines found a way around setting use the money. find out why the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs are so demanding an about face. we had the temperatures make a bit of an about face. >> we have to enjoy this while it lasts. >> enjoy it right now because the 90-degree range are back tomorrow. let's find out where the showers and storms are right now. they're tracking to the south of the metro area. we still have severe thunderstorms in effect for the middle peninsula of virginia. there is still hanging over areas of st. mary's county.
5:51 pm
it is all drifting toward the chesapeake bay. meanwhile, we will keep our eyes to the north this evening. the actual cold front has its own line of showers and storms. that is going to continue to translate south. it is possible that a couple of showers or isolated downpours could affect portions of the viewing area. we will keep an eye on that. we do know that during the day tomorrow the heat will be back. 77 in gaithersburg right now. 79 in quantico. warm and muggy tonight as the showers and later tonight. tomorrow, sunny and hot but less humid. temperatures right back up there, mid to upper 90's. that is the very latest.
5:52 pm
that sounds that you hear is the collective sigh of relief. the nfl got its act together. >> finally. >> we spoke with a look daniels. he applauded how the players union dead. good times ahead. we knew america's most profitable sport would not release it out a season. but after contentious talks, it became unclear whether negotiations would wrap up in time for preseason. a deal was reached today. the nfl players voted unanimously. it will guarantee 10 years of -- training camp begins tomorrow. wednesday, some teams report for camp. the redskins began their camp on thursday.
5:53 pm
the nfl's longest work stoppage has come to an end. >> i know that it has been a very long process. since the day that we stood here that night in march. our guys stuck together when nobody thought we would. football is back because of it. >> we are grateful for all the work that both parties dared to make sure that we came to this day. make sure for the fans that we can stand here and say, football is back. >> this is washington, so just because the lockout is over, it does not mean that the drama is. the new salary-cap is $120 million. the latest report say the coach still wants to get value out of albert haynesworth but is willing to trade donovan mcnabb. the u.s. women's nationals left germany without -- but the
5:54 pm
players have returned to a new level of popularity. they sold at the stadium on wednesday. our plan of the day is from alex morgan. good for her. >> that looked like a karate kick.
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a local farmer is fighting to keep his favorite spot for his produce stand. >> it is in montgomery county, but the state says he cannot set up shop there. >> in 10 years, he turned and overgrown patch of land into a thriving business. >> we sell everything from tomatoes to pumpkins, sweet corn watermelon, and plant. >> he employed local workers to
5:58 pm
sell local produce to local residents. >> i did not know everybody's names. i recognize everybody's faces. >> today the sign sits in his driveway and a land that is overground as it was when he first started. the state highway administration said the location on river road had to much traffic moving too quickly and shut it down. >> it is as safe as can be. we have never had an incident there. >> today he is tired. he has been fighting for two years to get his farmer's market reopened. he set up a petition on facebook. he appealed to montgomery county state senators, to the governor. >> at this point we are thinking the government has the authority and we think he might be ready to intervene. >> as the wheels turn in annapolis, he tried a different location last summer, but only broke even. this summer, he is selling his
5:59 pm
airline tomatoes wholesale. >> we talked to a spokesman with the state highway administration maintained that river road is a controlled access road would to a much traffic travelling too quickly. next at 6:00 republicans democrats, and the president also plans to raise the debt ceiling. say what they all have to offer. the faa shut down, why it could have meant a break in airline prices. some welcome relief from the heat and humidity. right now at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. >>

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